Day 2 – End of my rope

“You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule.

One of the most trying experiences of my life involved my employment with the USPS. I was assigned as a new manager to work in the most undesirable place in our region, for the most ill-reputed senior manager. She lived up to her reputation and I lived up to mine. I was not going to be disrespected and demeaned by anyone. So it wasn’t long before I was writing letters and filing complaints. I got the results I wanted but only temporarily. Eventually I got to the end of my rope and turned to God.

When it came to dealing with my addiction, I had to become suicidal before I was ready to submit totally to God. I’m just so stubborn and so convinced that I am the best at solving my own problems. The Spirit of God had been instructing me on the simplicity of God’s plan of deliverance but I wasn’t having it. Totally giving up and dying to myself remains much easier said than done. When I was on the verge of losing all and finally had no where else to turn, I turned it over to God. God helps those who help themselves was the background song of my life.

Seems Jesus has a slightly different perspective. He starts by staying to me; Dude if you learn this now you’ll save yourself a lot of stress and trouble. If you practice this principle you will have a blessed life. Stay at the end of your rope. Just lose it! Right, now I have a new saying; nothing surprises God.

It’s been a hard lesson to learn, but when life hits me broad side and I don’t know what just happened, I remind myself that nothing surprises God. When I’m hurt by those that I love the most and I’m afraid of what the fall out will be I remind myself that nothing surprises God. When I feel like everything is out of control and I’m losing it, I remind myself that nothing surprises God.

In this quest of outlandish devotion one of the first things we have to practice is continuously living at the end of our rope.


4 thoughts on “Day 2 – End of my rope

  1. There used to be a corny old saying that when you get to the end of your rope, you tie a knot in it and hang on. Corny, but true. Living at the ends of our ropes is tricky though. Maybe we’re called to do that through total dependence. But it’s quite precarious. Not a comfortable way to live. But since when is comfort our priority?

  2. The second part of the verse says, because with less of you there’s more of God. I’m about to do a post on “The way I see it” called just that. If only we could master that, less of me = more of God.

  3. Is the end of your rope where you feel like an elephant is standing in the middle of your chest and you can’t breathe because any effort to inhale is just so excruciating that you feel like at any moment you’re going to crush under the pressure?

    If so, been there. And just before the ribs started to crack, a little mouse sent the elephant running.

    Funny how it works out like that, every single time. WHY is it that I spend so much time worrying?

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