Day 21 – Investment plan

Matt. 6:21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

I recently had a conversation about money with one of the young men that I mentor. We talked about inheriting a lot of money and what we would do with it. I suggested that I would try to live off of ten percent and use the rest to serve others. He wasn’t seeing it. I wish I could say my comment was because of my nobility but it wasn’t. I read about men that choose to live life that way. Serving others seems to give them there greatest joy. All of them are highly successful business men and they understand investment very well.

As I read the portion of scripture surrounding this verse, I recognized just how wise they were and are. Invest in self indulgence and selfishness and you have no guarantee, you may lose it all. Invest in God’s will and taking care of His children and your investment has guaranteed returns eternally. Now that’s an investment plan I can’t turn down.


4 thoughts on “Day 21 – Investment plan

  1. I love this passage. My last post was about generosity. I really hope to be able to live this way one day. If we take care of the things that matter to God, I think He’ll see to it that we are comfortable and content.

  2. I don’t like the idea of giving because of what you’ll get. I recently interviewed for a volunteer position, and was flabbergasted when asked what I thought I’d enjoy most. It wasn’t supposed to be ablout me, I thought. Sure, I should want to do it, I shouldn’t feel obliged or guilty, but it should be about the people I’ll be helping. To me, it’s a perversion to take something that’s supposed to be selfless – without mistaking that word, which perhaps has lost meaning – and turning it into an equal or greater benefit to oneself.

    Now, when I feel competent, I enjoy sharing my knowledge. I like it if someone gains anything from me or my writing or my solicited advice. But I don’t do it just so I can feel that way. It’s fine for me, but the giving, the giving is gone. The giving was in the moment, and however long the results last, the giving, in order to mean what it should, should be given away. To the spirit of the Earth, if you will, or just put out there, like a feeling in the air. It should not preserved and petted or preserved for posterity.

    If I give you directions, you are on your way. You may forget me, and I you, but the giving was wonderful while it lasted, hopefully a nice moment shared. I hope I put you at ease and made you feel you could do it, you could return to your journey sidetracked but unscathed.

    But if I keep a log or count my “good deeds,” then giving becomes a contest and won’t be the natural order of things it should be, as Katrice was saying in her lovely post.

  3. m

    Once again I love the way you put it. It’s better to give than to receive; only if you are not giving to receive at all. What joy! It is one of the greatest experiences in life; to give with no expectation of any return, to give becuase you can ease someone’s pain, to give because you are a member of earths community and God’s familty. To give because you are so blessed, you have something to give.

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