Forgive Me


I thank you for all that you have done to ensure that a bridge has been built for mankind to move from a sinful state of seperation to a place of redemptive relationship with you.

I believe that you’ve called those of us that have accepted your free gift of salvation via Jesus Christ to be salt and light.

Forgive us.

Forgive me.

When I have condemned instead of loved the world and your church forgive me.
When I have complained about the church instead of praying for the church, forgive me.

When I have repelled others instead of compelling others to come to you because of my lack of authentic living, please forgive me.

Help me Lord to be more like you. To love others before I attempt to lead them. To serve others before I porport to save them.

Help me to be hope, encouragement and light to a gloomy, hopeless and discouraged world.

Give me a heart like yours, a heart of compassion and empathy. Let me be moved by the needs of others. Let me find no rest untill I’ve done all that you would have me to do. Help me to be committed to be a true reflection of you. Help me to connect to others that are true reflections also. Grant us your peace, give us your hope. May your will be done on earth through your church. May we awaken from our sleep and be disgusted by our slumber. Move us to love, move us to action, move us oh lord.



5 thoughts on “Forgive Me

  1. I was touched my the sincerity of your prayer. When I asked God to:

    Help me Lord to be more like you.”

    He replied: “Stop being like you, and be more like ME.”

    The implications of that statement would fill a book.

    How prophetic the next line: I’m only now reading it, 10/09/07.

    May we awaken from our sleep and be disgusted by our slumber

    The Sun of your new DAY is on the horizon, soon to be overhead in all it’s NOON DAY glory.

    You will not only arise to your NEW DAY, but work in a New LIGHT.

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