Rethinking church Size; does it matter?

Rethinking church Size; does it matter?


As we approach the church plant, here in Texas, where everything is bigger including churches we have to confront the question of size. How big is too big? We wonder. Then the obvious answer seems to be, you’ve grown too big when you can’t be effective or efficient, but you have to know the purpose of church to figure that out. What is the purpose of The Church?


Do you remember the days of church when everybody knew your name, and we were very much family. Do you remember the days of the community church not just the church in the community?


These days there are Mega churches in America that boast from 2000 to as many as 47000 members, restaurants, gymnasiums, bookstores, coffees shops, light shows, video productions, gift shops and more all in the church. Visitors have described the experiences as a kin to being at a rock concert or a great show. Some love it, some hate it. Click here to share your thoughts?


On the other end of the spectrum there is a rise in churches that are deliberately small being called micro churches. These churches are all about relationship and community impact. They meet in homes, coffee shops, on the job and some even in bars. You loose the hype the screens the technology but you gain intimacy. Some say there cool and focused on reaching those in need of Christ. I love the concept. What do you think?


10 thoughts on “Rethinking church Size; does it matter?

  1. What is the purpose of the Church? It is a place were people come together, from many places. I think the ones who are already saved are there for food for their soul and to pray and praise God. The ones who are not saved, feel the need, they feel that something is missing in their lives, They are looking for a place that will make them feel whole.
    Hopefully they will accept Jesus as their savior. If the gyms, book stores etc can get them to come to church then there is hope that they can be saved. I can remember churches when I was young were you knew everyone by name, and everyone considered all members as friends and neighbors.
    Micro churches have a place as do mega churches. Matt.
    Ch 18 verse 20 ” For where two or three are gathered togethered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

  2. I don’t like the big megga churches, I do believe the small intimate church is nicer, and so much friendler, and somewhere I would look forward to going.. How will you be able to meet the needs of the folk, when you can’t even see them in the huge church? Jacquelyn

  3. @ Scott, thanks man love your blog!

    @ Ella, I just wonder if the stores and sales and stuff doesn’t just give them more of the same and less of the kingdom.

    @ Aletha, I can’t! I can’t do church anywhere and be invested in like i’ve been before. I’ve decided that any church I lead or an apart of has to have a couple of things in place if I am to be apart. I’ll share a few here.

    1. There has to be a clear vision and the dna (that which is important to the churches focus and identity) has to be deliberate and consistent.
    2. There has to be a clear structure of accountability. Why? Because we are all human and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I’m not speaking of sudo-board here. I’m speaking of people put in place and empowered to confront and challenge on the basis of what’s best for the people that make up the church and what keeps the church on task, without retaliatory measures of any kind.
    3. There has to be a team mentality and true appreciation of diversity from the top down. What’s the point of having God put gifted people all around you if all you care about is your ideas, if we’re only going to use few selected giftings? Waist of time. I’ll stop there…

    @ Jacquelyn, I believe that Jesus was a relational guy, he loved people, after all that’s why he came and died. Because of this belief, I’m not a fan of any program or performance structure in the church. I hate when leaders base what’s offered to the people solely on their (the leaders) experience, expectation or anticipated popular support.

    What I hate even more, is that so much of the fanfare that has become acceptable in the church, seem so shallow. I think if we’re not deliberate about what we are called to do, we’ll end up chasing the crowd that Jesus deliberately left behind.

    I know, I know, I’m holding back. Just wait till we get to the discussion on tithe!

  4. To me, church size matters, but efficiency is the bigger issue. I prefer the feel of smaller churches, because you don’t get lost in the crowd as easily. I have felt more growth, more fellowship, more conviction, and more of God’s presence in gatherings of 2-20, than in any large gathering I’ve been a part of. And I firmly believe that not every attendee can get exactly what they need in a huge crowd. Case in point, if the crippled man’s friends had not taken the roof off the place and lowered his stretcher down to be healed by Jesus, he likely would have been carried home having heard a good Word, but still broken.

    Size matters because intimacy matters. If I can touch you, hear you, understand your need, I can try to meet it. If no one hears you, you may never get help.

    Every joint supplies. Every person is important. And every person can be used by God. Our mission field is huge. Seems we’d be more effective if all of us were able to move in smaller circles, having an impact for the Kingdom of God.

  5. Let’s face it – Mega churches have added very little to the building of God’s kingdom. All it has brought about is an age of Christian celebrity. It’s all about the profit & prosperity in most cases. People with money & poor people looking to get rich quick. lol I can just some mine up with this – I don’t believe Jesus would be a Pastor of a mega church. He didn’t even hang with us church folk. Most of the time we see Him being sarcastic to the religious order of His day. lol Jesus is way cooler than we make Him out to be.

  6. @ Katrice, I’m with you, size matters because effectiveness matters. That’s why up front I had to ask what’s the purpose of church? If it’s to build the kingdom, by that I mean God’s kingdom and not kingdoms of men, then things start looking fuzzy. Why so many kingdom, kings and thrones. And don’t tell me there are no kings in the church!? I have to mention here that there are big cell churches that seem to stay on point and unfortunately there are also small churches that are kingdoms unto themselves and are equally as ineffective in the kingdom (Of God) building business.

    @ Rob, yes sir! Christian Celebrity there’s a concept. It’s to the place that url’s aren’t even church names anymore. Rationale? People recognize the face of the church not the name. Yet foolish me, I wonder why the face of the church isn’t Christ?

  7. Kwesi,

    Essentially size doesn’t matter – God can dwell in a large stadium as well as a storefront church. The problem, however, is that most mega churches adopt the posture that they’re better than every other church out there – and that God only dwells in them and their grand facility. It becomes less and less about the liberating message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and more about “what God is doing through us here”..

    I wrote an article on my blog about the very same thing ( – including a dissection of the typical “why I love a big church” argument…check it out (and comment) when you get a chance..

    Speaking Truth…

  8. my question is what are they really good for, are people becoiming connected or is it just a show. i personally dont think its needed. how can a pastor be acountable for the people in his church when its to big for him to even manage.

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