Prayer for Pastors


I know it’s not easy to be a servant leader. To find the balance between what the people want and what they need. You have called us to serve and not be served. To love people before we lead them and never to lead them in search of significance, status or substance for ourselves. Help us today God. Father my heart bleeds for your church. We have strayed so far from “freely you have received, freely give”.

What have we done?! Forgive us?

Help Pastors and ministers all over this country and the world to hear your voice again. Bring the hearts of Pastor back in line with your heart. Help us to remember the poor and powerless, the broken hearted and the discouraged.

Father we need you, we depend on you, we love you. Help us in this hour of need not to focus on our greed, on ourselves, on our lust, in Jesus name.


Feel free to add your prayer for Pastors.


3 thoughts on “Prayer for Pastors

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  2. Lord, I pray that you would bring unity among pastors like never before; that they would be united, first with your heart and your agenda, and second with each other. May all share a common goal of advancing your kingdom, and help them to be tolerant of the variety of creative ways that you choose to use each of them. Help us all to remember that you are not in a box, and help us all to think outside of the norm. There are no limits to your power. Amen!

  3. My prayer is that God will help not only Pastors but all of us as His sons and daughters to be true to God, first. Then teach us to be true to ourselves and not taint the word for our own agenda. With that comes true love and that is His greatest commandment. With this, we’ll all be better people and live in a better world.

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