The One Thing I’d Change about Church is…

So I really want to know.  If you could change any one thing about the church, what would it be?


14 thoughts on “The One Thing I’d Change about Church is…

  1. Yo! I have an entire Wall full of stuff that I would like to change, but if I had to sum it up in one strident word, it would be “accountability.”

    Leaders should have a board of real believers, not spineless yes men. Pastors should be forced to open their books to the ECFA. And Christians – one and all – should live their lives as if the town gossip was their spouse.

    But that’s just me.

  2. I think that if I had to choose one thing, it would be the transparency factor, which goes right along with hiscrivener’s comment.

    Pretense has handicapped the church. Since no one person is without flaw, sin, shortcoming, or weakness, why is so much energy spent pretending? Why do we hide our past? Why do we fail to share our stories?

    My dad always says, “The miracle of Jesus in my life is that he changed me.” What is so effective to the world is when they can see themselves in our stories, and it gives them hope that they don’t have to stay in their present condition. And it continues to encourage others in the faith.

    Furthermore, we set people up, leaders in particular, on pedestals that they can’t possibly live up to. They pretend that they have it all together, and then when it all falls apart, people are appalled. Why? We are all human, and there is such power in admitting that.

    When people look at the church and see the facades, they turn away. It means we are not doing our job.

    Does all that still count as just one thing? 🙂 I have more, if you like.

  3. Living the Great Commission…Yes! And also…the church is the body of believers dedicated to Christ, first and foremost…. not a building, a hierarchy of power, an administration, a political body, etc. etc.

    Thankfully the church we now belong to ‘gets’ that, but too many don’t.

  4. in utopia the church wouldnt exist…religion would not be neccessary.

    when i was a Christian my hope was that the Great Commission would be fully and utterly believed and followed as I tried to do

  5. @ Hiscrivner – I love the wall dude, you know it. Accountability is huge with me.

    @ Katrice – I want more, bring it!

    @ Marcus – Thanks for stopping in, Kingdom building would be nice.

    @ LL – Welcome back

    @ Rick – Seems so, but I’m determine to try

    @ Matt – So glad you stopped by. Would love to dialog about why you stopped believing. Can I interview you?

    @ You – if you’re reading these come on and add one. Thanks

  6. Okay, here’s another. I think the walls need to come down, so to speak. So much time is spent in church, taking care of church business, that we become separated from the community.

    When I was a child, my church was almost inseparable from my community. The main thing I remember was what would be called “community service” now. Back then, it didn’t have a name. It was a given. If someone got sick, my grandmother and all the other ladies from the church would go and cook, clean, and wash for them. People brought food any time there was an event in someone’s life. And we always provided transportation for people who had none. That’s just how it was.

    Society at large is more isolated these days, and people are significantly more selfish. But I don’t think the church has room to be that way.

  7. well….this is a hard one for me Kwesi….I am traveling a road of healing and forgiveness from CHURCH; folk, traditionalism, routine, etiquette, etc….all of it!!!

    So, what would I like to change CHURCH, in itself….the institution to cease and the vessel to increase. Just the thought of what would manifest as a result would be amazing to me…because you would be forced to ‘fellowship’ amongst the community, no walls, no building funds, no program, no anniversaries, no mens day, no ushers competitions; the teaching/preaching/evangelism, etc would have to be catered to all…members or not…Just love… Is this too dreamy?…lol

    I dont know, I could go further in depth with this, the concept is a lofty one, I know…I will explore this one alone. I’m so frustrated and fed up right now; yet, I’m just enjoying the liberation and peace right now to question , listen, and dialogue with a God who hears me.

  8. @ Katrice – balance seems to be the key. We need to love people, all people and all of them, body, soul, spirit. It would be great to have churches properly teach the word and effectively demonstrate it’s principles.

    @ Butterfly,

    Welcome. We travel the same road. I invite you to go further in dept amongst community. I know you are frustrated and fed up, but as I’ve discovered, doing theology among community is most beneficial.

  9. Restriction, control and self righteousness. The me, my and I principle. It’s my ministry, it’s my people! Get off the horse! It’s Gods ministry and His people.
    The audacity to judge others. Disunity, which demonstrates a lack of love and by that a disconnection from God, for we orth to be of one Lord. one faith, and one Baptism.
    Being determined to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Comission with a major focus on building His Kingdom, not our Kingdom.
    Freedom in God is great, a close relationship with Him is marvelous, and being guided by Holy Spirit is key.
    Katrice the way you all did church when you were growing up, is the way we did it also. It is a good way, for all beleivers.

  10. My sentiments exactly Kwesi…COMMUNITY…UNITY in the commUNITY!…Honestly, this has been my quest since I began this healing journey,… ministry in the community, real outreach, just sitting with and being amongst… Its peaceful. Thanks for letting me add my $cents…lol

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