Abortion, Homosexuality and Christian Hate!

It’s really way too late to be writing a post, but I tire of the sarcasm, negativity and skepticism coming from professing Christians about the fact the Mr. Obama will be their next president, much like Katrice here .

As always, the narrow focus of those on the far right are the hot topics, (that seem to be all that they care about) — abortion and homosexuality.  Quite frankly, it seems like what most Christian conservatives really want is to damn all pro-abortion, (different than pro-choice), and homosexual people to hell.  Way to reach them, church, ay?

See, I remember reading of reactions like this:  “Jesus, why are you talking to the tax collectors?” they whined.  “Jesus, how dare you associate with a woman like that!”  “Jesus, why don’t your disciples wash their hands?”  It’s always so easy to talk about other people’s sin.

Let’s get this clear.  There are African-American Christians who are not Obama supporters.  I have no problem with them or with anyone who is not an Obama supporter, but I am.  Yes that’s right, I am a Christian and I support Mr. Obama.  Biblically speaking, for what it’s worth, you must as well, come this January.

What I find interesting is the hatred, bitterness and name-calling that “Christians” feel the liberty to publish.  They say foolish things like, “People think Mr.  Obama is the Messiah,” or derogatory things like, “He’s the anti-Christ,” and this is all while trying to what — reach others for Christ?  Give me a break, for real.

Listen here, children!

Do me a favor.  Go dust off your bibles and read the book of James.  When you get to part about looking in the mirror and walking away, stop.  Try something new.  Look at yourself, deal with your own sins and your own issues.  Remember them?

There is one thing that the bible talks about way more than homosexuality and abortion, and that is love.  People are God’s greatest treasure.  All people!  Loving people is our greatest responsibility!  Loving them, not bullying them into our way of thinking.   Love your neighbor — your Black, Latino, Asian, Caucasian, Democratic, Republican or Independent neighbor — as yourself.  We don’t get a pass.  We are to love everybody.

Don’t pee on my feet and tell me it’s raining!

Ironically, we Christians have our heads so far up our Bibles that we think being hateful is a way to stop the hate of abortion, and we are deluded enough to be convinced that treating homosexuals with contempt, shunning them, and despising them is a sure-fire way to force them to accept the LOVE of Christ.  Go figure!

These are the things — this hate, this arrogance, this  willful amnesia — that such were some of you.  These are the things that Christians do that make me wanna cuss!

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
—  Mahatma Gandhi


5 thoughts on “Abortion, Homosexuality and Christian Hate!

  1. Like I said over at Katrice’s blog, I didn’t vote for Barack, but I am glad he won, and his acceptance speech filled me with hope. Your quote from Mohan also hits the spot.

    Correct my failing memory, but didn’t the tenor of the tale told in The Autobiography of Malcolm X change significantly when he went to Mecca and saw that there was a rainbow of worshipers gathered there?

    Love is colorblind… God is love… Is God colorblind? 🙂

  2. Hey Rick,

    tried to leave you a comment and forgot my password. Glad to hear about your son’s safe return, sorry about the ice.

    Rick, it was exactly the sea of color that filled my heart at that speech. There were people of all races and creeds. All were addressed and all were included. I love diversity.

    To me love isn’t so much color blind as heart focused, you know? There is only one race and that is human. Everything else is about culture, community and custom.

    When any group only focuses on one sect of people, all the others feel out place and not as important. Where I visit church, everything is culturally designed for a culture that I appreciate but didn’t grow up as apart of. Where I used to go to church everything was designed for my culture. In either case someone if left unsatisfied and unappreciated.

    I think we need to appreciate color, race, diversity and celebrate it. We need to do the hard work to make sure we are loving all people.

    That is one thing the church can learn from the Obama approach.

  3. Amen, and <cliche>Right ON!</cliche>.

    It has to be heart focused – and head focused as well. If faith without reason gave us the Inquisition and Reason without Faith gives us atheism, I’d say we need both. That being said, I could easily walk into a service in downtown Chicago and feel at home (more so than some of my peers – too many years as a musician).

    We are one race in rainbow shades – a fact I appreciate. Now, the hard part – love thy neighbor as thyself, for real.

  4. Very interesting comments and blog…I did not vote for Obama yet this year my views on the whole political process took a different outlook. As an African American – I am glad to see that we have come so far…I know that all the “watching” and all that the media is doing in coverage is expected because he is the first African American. I think some of the issues with some people is his morals…yet my concern was always his voting record. I think at this point does it truly matter as He is the newly elected president and we as Christians need to be praying for him, for his choices and his directions.
    I know that some of us are interested in hearing and seeing what he is going to do…he has a big job cut out for him…I think that prayers are what we really need to do for this man. Right now I am watching who he is picking to work with him and what they are going to be doing…I think there are plenty of people unaware of the political process and truly thinking things are going to change immediately and for African Americans too…yet reality is – it is going to be a long road for him and color is not going to matter…brains are! Great blog and I have been reading your blogs and I must say – I shall return. God Bless!

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