Only A Fool! Now Open…

The war on God continues!  Why do the people rage and these people imagine a vain thing?  Christmas customs now include anti-Christ slogans and insults.  The intolerant insist that Christians are intolerant for celebrating Christ!  The latest, of course, is “Why believe in God?  Just be good for goodness’ sake.”  One group has decided to continue the imprudent propaganda by creating t-shirts and giving them to the homeless to wear.

This season of my life is more and more about action.  I tire of talk.  I want more than talk.  I have decided to create t-shirts and apparel of my own.

Allow me to present ONLY A FOOL

Only a fool offers intelligent apparel for those tired of the ever increasing and ever more aggressive, yet illogical, agenda to ignore God or pretend that He doesn’t exist.

Here are a few of the first designs.  Enjoy!!!













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