Just be good for goodness sake!

“Why believe in God?”

That’s the question posed by the American Humanist Association.  Just be good for the sake of being good, is the directive. Humanists believe that we are able and responsible to lead ethical lives and be personally fulfilled without theism of any kind. They also seem to believe that we should be motivated to be good without expecting reward or punishment after death.

My immediate thought is another question.

What is good?

Where does the idea of good come from? Good is thrown out as a universally understood and agreed upon concept. Is good something we humans all naturally understand and agree to? The idea that good is natural has obvious flaws, of which I am one. I am not naturally good and it is not for the lack of trying. I am not always responsible; again this is not due to the lack of desire. The simplistic suggestion of just being good is, I think, a bit naïve. Certainly the most evil men in the world would argue that there intentions were good.

Good requires knowledge, and knowledge requires a source of intelligence. Man cannot be the source of information and the innate morality that humanists seek to depend on for their goodness.

So, in answer to the question, why believe in God? It’s simply because you can’t have Good without God.

Good without God is like wet without water.


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