A Year’s Worth of Conversation

Merry Christmas!

Wow! Can you believe another year has gone by? It’s been a year full of change, challenge, and the confrontation that is always necessary when you are working towards vision. One of the things that we often have to challenge is our old way of thinking. We can get so comfortable, that we stop thinking, stop evaluating, and stop asking questions. Life just becomes routine and things like church and career slowly lose their meaning. At the beginning of this year, I had to admit to myself, and to you, that personal relationship with Christ had become convoluted. Relationship can quickly become religious with rules and routine. What I had was rules and routine. What I wanted was relationship!

How do you move from religion to relationship? You rethink how you’ve come to that place. You begin by asking questions, confronting old ideas, and having honest conversations. One of the greatest joys of this year has been having this conversation with you. Some have emailed me directly; some shared their opinion on the blog, and yet still some have been offended and have chosen to disengage. It’s all good, real conversation which causes all sorts of reactions and emotions.

So in case you missed it, here are some of the top conversations of the year. Read them for the first time or read them again and rethink your position. Invite others to reevaluate and converse with you, or join the conversation on the blog. Thanks for being there. May the New Year bring you a renewed relationship with Christ and those around you. Here we go . . .

The Pastoral Conversation, I think this generated some hate mail.

Re-thinking Pastoral Authority25 comments

Re-thinking Pastoral Accountability11 comments

When Preachers Lie On God5 comments

Rethinking Who Speaks for God2 comments

Who can forget the Tithe Conversation, people get so passionate about money.

Tithe – Not what Malachi 3 is about16 comments

Tithe – The Heart of the Matter7 comments

Tithe – Support for the poor5 comments

Tithe – The original purpose4 comments

Tithe — The Eternal Principle 3 comments

Tithe – The Disconnect 2 comments

The Church As Is Conversation was very insightful

Questions About Church As-Is27 comments

Re-thinking the way we dress for church20 comments

When Christians Have Sex16 comments

Rethinking What We Sell11 comments

A Faith I Can Live With5 comments

The Theology Conversation

Rethinking What God Said8 comments

Christians’ Personal Responsibility4 comments

Rethinking Orthopraxy2 comments

Who’s Influencing Your Theology?

Thinking Theology

It’s been a great year! Thanks again for being a part of the conversation. You never know where the conversation will lead, so keep checking the blog often. I love your insight and input, so leave me lots of comments for Christmas. Happy reading and once again, Merry Christmas!!!


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