In The Mean Time

I am so grateful to all of you that have sent me notes, prods and encouragements to get back to blogging.  I will, I promise.  At the moment I am writing my second book.  It’s quite the undertaking and all my creative juices seem to be flowing to that project.  I will try not to keep you waiting long for new posts.

In the mean time here is some poetry from part one of the first book SCREAM.


Ding! The bell rings.
Doors burst open.
The daily stampede begins.
Teachers shouting
Children ignoring
Temporary freedom in the school yard.
Under the almond tree
The search begins for me.
Their words,
We don’t want to play with you!
You have no father and act like a girl too.
Come back when your Father comes home.
When he teaches you sports
We’ll know you’re no homo.
Until then you’re disqualified
You’re not even a real boy in our eyes.
Ding! The bell rings, time’s up.


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