Seven Digits

Trail of tears left behind
Emotions overwhelm
On the bed, on the floor
Tears till she opens the door
Yes! You have a father, don’t cry
Don’t say you want to die!
I’ll give you his number for sure,
Remember always, God loves you more.
Seven digits she gave to me,
Seven digits for all eternity,
Burnt, branded upon my brain
Seven digits to call out your name.
Six times promised before made true
Two things you taught me to do
Three lies believed about me
Six hospitalizations, no visits from thee.
One sorry excuse after another
One focus, the pursuit of my mother
Two directions differently
We’ll never be son and daddy.
We’re sorry.
The number you have reached has been
Please check your number and try this call
again later.
Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Seven Digits

  1. Brother. After three of these, I am standing in a dank, dimly-lit corner snapping while my companions for the evening are in this deep, mad cool eating cheese and nodding knowingly.

    Nice stuff indeed.


    P.S. No wonder you have been absent for a while. Redecorating takes it time, eh?

  2. Thanks for the support on the constant man. I gotta get back over to the wall. I have to finish reading the book left by your reader on the “dildo lady” post.

    Glad you like the poetry, thanks for the snaps.

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