A Brother’s Worship – No unjust gain

  Being greedy for unjust gain is suicide. Being diligent, dedicated and disciplined will bring a just reward.

Smith was 14 when the mantle of manhood was forced upon him.  Instead of putting his energy, effort and enthusiasm into his education, he entered the world of easy money or at least so be thought.  His mother knew what he was up to, but she stayed silent, as his activities had also silenced the screams of hunger in the house.

I would meet him three long years later. Smith now had a criminal history to included attempted murder, theft and gang violence. He’d been shot and shaken.  He was expelled from school and home, mom was now back on her feet, but Smith couldn’t find the off switch.

Despite the best efforts of many, we couldn’t motivate Smith to change his way.  The pursuit of easy money was the ambush he set, an ambush against his own life.

Father, help me to be diligent, dedicated and disciplined. Help me to value others more than I value gain. Help me live and love in a way that pleases you. Amen


5 thoughts on “A Brother’s Worship – No unjust gain

  1. This is sadly so true. people never seem to realize that the results of greed always hurt the perpetrator most.

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