Loving People

For in vain is a net spread in the sight of any bird

Proverbs 1:17

Father it’s so easy to excuse myself for taking advantage of others.  In the midst of those moments when my flesh wants what it wants, I fail to see people the way you see them.  Honestly I don’t even think of them as people, I think of them as a-means-to-an-end, as objects, as tools for my satisfaction.

I know that people are your greatest treasure, your most prized possession.  I realize that loving people, all people, is my greatest responsibility.  Forgive me for failing to love your people in the past and help me to always see people as precious.  Just the other day I was reminded of how easy it would be to return to a life of spiritual violence.  To return to a life of trapping, using and discarding your children for my pleasure, God forbid .  May that never again be the way that I live.  Where I am weak, Lord you are strong.  I need your strength as I strive.

Lord help me to love you and demonstrate my love for you by the way I love your people, all people. Amen


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