Proverbs 4

23 Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.

With your help, God, I will guard my heart.  I will remember how important it is to stay focused with my mind fixed on you.  I will remember how devastating it can be to be distracted by the deception of sin.  Help me to improve  my speech.   To put away all that is crooked and contaminating  from my lips.  To keep my eyes away from all that is pornographic.  To be prudent and deliberate about where I go and who I am with.  I understand that I cannot afford to be lazy with protecting my heart.  Like a sniper in this urban jungle of life,  Lord help me to be camouflaged from sin, yet see it coming far away and take it out. 

Forgive my lazy inattention and my lackadaisical living.  Give me a clean heart and a heart to keep it clean.  Amen


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