What’s more important?

How dare you?  That’s the question I keep fighting with.  I’ve known I’ve been called to plant a church since I was a teenager.  I’ve been active in ministry one way or another since then.  More importantly the people around me all know that I’ve been called to be a church planter and Pastor.  I can’t shake it, I can’t deny it, even people far from God walk up to me and ask me if I’m in ministry.  Today my pastor Ed Young shared with us a message fom the Hillsong Leadership conference.  The bottom line was a question.  What’s more important than rescue?

 I’m moving forward, I’m preparing.  I’ve lost 100lbs, I’m one semester away from another degree and I desire to get another.  No matter what I do, I don’t feel worthy or ready.  How dare I?  Today I have to wrestle with a new question. How dare I not? Lord help me.


6 thoughts on “What’s more important?

  1. Hey Kwesi…love this…I know how you feel…been struggling with the “I can’t do a cd project: too old, not enough time/money, etc., etc”….the thing is: this is your calling and your ministry. YOU know it, we know it and God certainly knows He created you for this…the only hold up is you/us….we get in our own way, with second-guessing ourselves and finding fault with things that are so insignificant to God….look at all that you’ve accomplished in the time you’ve been gone from MD….losing 100 pounds is no minor undertaking! Going back to school and obtaining your degree and aspiring another is certainly to be commended….so yes, the time is now, your calling and election is sure and I am one of your biggest fans/supporters, because as I watch and observe your growth and commitment, I am compelled to follow in your footsteps! Much love and appreciation to you, my brother….you/we are gonna make it!

  2. Min Kwesi,
    Hello my brother continue to move forward in the Lord, you leave a trail of a life that has impact many for the Kingdom of God. the Lord has and still is using you my brother.
    We will always have our critics & naysayers, but or biggest enemy will be the inner me.
    He that has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ
    Love Ya,


  3. Hey brother,

    I’ve definitely walked a mile in your shoes. Before stepping into my calling as a Pastor/Church Planter, I felt the same way and had to get over those feelings because the enemy was about to use them to his advantage and the bottom line would have been my disobediance to the call. By the spirit of God living in me, I just walked by faith and not by sight trusting God every step of the way as I did not rely on what I knew, past successes, education, church experience, etc. It’s truly a new and refreshing experience in the Holy Spirit when you “let go” and “let God” use you as He will. It’s not about you being ready, just be obedient. If God called you, then you are ready! On your mark, get set, go….in Jesus name!

    God bless you and I’ll be praying for you with much love,


  4. You know that as you step, I am right beside you. I know that you (and we) have been in a state of preparation, but if it’s time to leap, let’s leap. We’ve learned a lot, but we will be okay as long as we remain teachable through this journey.

    I love you!

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