Nothing Surprises God!

Today I am reminded in many different ways about the uncertainty and complexities of life.  Life is not promised for the rest of today and certainly not for tomorrow.  Every choice you make today may affect your life and the lives of others for years to come.  I am confused and confronted with awful realities.  I am baffled and bothered trying not to be broken by things beyond my control.  I am striving to rejoice with those who  rejoice and grieve with those who grieve,  all on the same day.  All I know for certain, my faith is firm in God.  My steps are ordered by Him.  I keep reminding myself that nothing surprises God.  No, not even that.


2 thoughts on “Nothing Surprises God!

  1. Granted. Nothing surprises God. But what surprises me is how unexpectedly people seem to be able to be dislodged of their sanity. That has me baffled right now because of “that” and other recent situations. Baffles and scares me honestly. Is the line between sanity and insanity really that thin?

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