The Bible is Boring!

The Bible is boring but do not misunderstand.

The bible is boring by God’s strategic plan.

It is forming, making, constructing, hollowing out and cutting.

Removing the core material that makes us evil men. 

The heart is deceitful, who can understand?

The heart is desperately sick like cancer in a man.

The word of God is the scalpel that cuts the cancer out 

It bores into you and draws the poison out. 

The Bible is boring, you must be boring too.

Bore into the word of God, like roots to water do.

Bore in and be strong, even in heat

When others would tap out, you will not know defeat.

When others lose themselves, like leaves in autumn breeze

You will not worry because of heat,drought or disease. 

Your leaves are evergreen, your fruit everfresh

Your life ever-changing so Christ present his best.

In John 8 Jesus says, bore  into my word, let it bore into you

then you will know the truth and you’ll know freedom too.

In Matthew chapter 4 Jesus says you’ll need more 

To live on every word of God you must now bore

In John 15 and 5 Jesus says bore-in to stay alive

For branches without the vine they will not survive 

In the chapter before, in John 14 He says more

He says If you love me my word you will adore 

And if in my word you”ll abide 

I’ll abode, come in and reside 

And in my spirit you will find your stride 

Yes the Bible is boring 

Boring more and more 

to make you a new creation

make you faultless before the Lord.




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