Seven Things I Love about (and you can learn from) Fellowship Church’s Marketing

  1. A Clear Brand. Fellowship Church = Reaching, plain and simple. Everything Fellowship does is clearly filtered through the strainer of the Vision of Reaching.  This is a great example of a Vision-Driven Church.
  2. Decisive Senior Pastors. Ed & Lisa Young are comfortable with who they are. Pastor Ed is always talking and joking about being ADHD. He doesn’t try to hide it; he’s accepted it and uses it to his benefit. Both Pastor Ed and Lisa speak openly about mistakes and missed opportunities and that’s just refreshing.
  3. People, People, People. Life Change is evident. Often missed in Marketing Plans, Fellowship Church is all about empowering people to use thier unique gifts and talents for the advancment of God’s kingdom. What’s important here is they treat volunteers like voulenteers. There is no high-presure, guilt-inducing mandate. The need is clearly presented, the oppotunities are obvious, encouragement and recruitiing are constant, second only to the thank yous.
  4. The best Campus Pastoral Team in all of FC, (Dallas, stand Up!). Honestly I believe every campus feels this way and that’s the point. Fellowship Church has no step-children. There is consistency in the quality of everthing at every campus. Different environments, same dedication to excellence.
  5. Over-the-top Hospitality. If you don’t feel welcomed at Fellowship Church, you just don’t want to. From before you hit the Parking Lot, there are signs to lead you. Once on the property, there are smiling parkers to direct you. Approach the door and they open for you. No, they don’t have automatic doors. They have more smiling people greeting you. First Time Guest? VIP! Special parking, a reception area with refreshments, gifts, and attention. This church Loves People!
  6. Relevance. Fellowship Church is not bound by tradition, they are bound by vision. I haven’t met the IT guys at Fellowship yet, but I’m pretty convinced they work 24/7. Fellowship Church has put up more websites in the last year than most churches put up ever. These aren’t templates either. As a matter of fact, they are listed among the best church websites. The Creatives at FC work just as hard. You never know what you’re going to see or hear at Fellowship church. Great Music, Live animals, men repelling from the ceiling, live boxing, cars on stage, your senior pastors in bed on top of the church.  Then there is, the FC app, and streaming live 24/7.
  7. Seven – Seven is the biggest expansion that Fellowship Church has ever taken on, and here’s why I love this. After more than 20 years in ministry, growing to one church in 8 locations, being named among the top churches in America repeatedly, just maintaining would never be questioned, and some missional drift would be expected. But when you have a clear brand and vision, decisive leaders, an appreciation for people, a commitment to consistency and excellence, over-the-top hospitality, and raving relevance, you never stop Reaching, even until the end of the age..

Seven is about expanding the reach of Fellowship Church in 7 Locations, but it’s also about the dedication and sacrifce of 150 people dedicated to one cause who invested in God’s eternal purpose.

In my last post I wrote about managing the cost for unbelievers to attend church. In this post, I celebrate all those believers who continue to pay a high cost for the expansion of God’s Church and the  real life change experienced by His people, because that’s the only way we can do it.

Thank you, Ed and Lisa Young and My Fellowship Church Family worldwide.


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