About Us

We started out in 1994 enjoying being creative and helping our family and friends celebrate special events and achievements in their lives with our desktop publishing skills.

We then realized that our gifts were beneficial in the cause of life change as we became leaders in ministry and used our skills in support of the Church and ministry at large.

So others could achieve their goals, dreams, and ambitions, they solicited our gifts and talents and we’ve assisted many along the way in creating business identification, cards, promotional materials, CD, DVD and TV layout design and graphics, book layout design and editing, magazines, programs, training booklets, and organizational documents.

We’ve consulted, encouraged, coached, and supported a great number of people to successfully obtaining their dreams and reaching their goals, providing marketing management and ministry advice based on our combined experience and education in Marketing Management, Executive Administration, Ministry, and Leadership.

We now specialize in Marketing Management, (from conception to completion), for small businesses, Independent Artists, Self-Published Authors, Non-Profit Organizations, and Ministries and Churches.

We are presently consulting with Church Planters and Churches in decline, (churches that are not experiencing any growth for a sustained period of time), to guide them to  becoming healthy, well-balanced churches experiencing growth and vibrancy.


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