Who is Kwesi

Kwesi Williams is a Christian who sincerely believes that people are God’s greatest treasure. That’s the most important part.

He’s the author of SCREAM which chronicles his journey from the hopelessness of pretense and religion to the freedom found in authentic and transparent relationship with God and others.

You may also want to know that he has been a youth ministry practitioner since the age of 16 (for half of his life), most recently serving on the pastoral staff of a church in the Washington Metropolitan area as the full-time youth minister for five years.

Originally from Trinidad, Kwesi relocated to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area as a teenager, struggling to get free from the baggage of an abusive adolescence. After finding his own SCREAM, he has helped others to begin their healing process.

Refreshingly difficult to label, Kwesi is a thinker who feels challenged to minister to young people’s practical needs, as well as providing an environment for worship and fellowship that is relevant to post-moderns.

Kwesi is also a gifted songwriter and singer, anointed worship leader, great father to son Kaleb and daughter Kharon, mentor to many and excellent cook, particularly of jerk chicken.

Through fifteen years together, I have witnessed his SCREAM, and I am proud to call him my husband.

Tania K. Williams